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I scrap for me. I would love to do every page and look at it saying "wow, I'm proud of that"...but sometimes pages get done and are just okay.....that's okay! I don't have perfect days everyday, I'm not a perfect mom all the time, and perfect wife...LOL, let's just say I'm no June Cleaver ;) And those last 10 pounds I lost keep finding their way isn't perfect, and neither is every scrapbook page :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

SPCC Christmas combo:

At SPCC Samantha does Christmas color combos.  I look forward to these, because a lot of them have been what most would think are "non-traditional" Christmas card colors - which is why they are such a great challenge.  I have always ended up loving the outcome.  So, here's the new combo:

and here's my card:

which was based on this Let's Scrap sketch:

You know how sometimes you make a mistake on a project that you can't undo, so you "cover" it up?  Maybe you don't, but it happens to me all the time, so I've become pretty good at the cover ups LOL, I usually end up liking it way more than what my original plan was....well, my cover up on this was that the ornament in the middle was a clear flat sticker, the ornament was white...but I couldn't really see the ornament, but when I tried to pull it off, it started to rip the I traced over the white with some waterfall colored stickles :)


thescrapmaster said...

Well, I think the blue was perfect! It looks like you meant for it to be blue :O)
Great card!
SPCC Creator

Emily said...


Emily-SP Diva said...

I think it looks great - would have never of known you made a boo-boo :)