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I scrap for me. I would love to do every page and look at it saying "wow, I'm proud of that"...but sometimes pages get done and are just okay.....that's okay! I don't have perfect days everyday, I'm not a perfect mom all the time, and perfect wife...LOL, let's just say I'm no June Cleaver ;) And those last 10 pounds I lost keep finding their way isn't perfect, and neither is every scrapbook page :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Page Maps...

Here's the newest sketch over at PageMaps Blog :

And here's my take on it:

I did it as an 8x10 (because I took this picture off the wall, and I had an empty 8x10 frame to re-frame it).  This is the last sunset of 1999 here.  My son is my mama's boy...even still at 13 :)

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Susan said...

I just love your card and your LO!