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I scrap for me. I would love to do every page and look at it saying "wow, I'm proud of that"...but sometimes pages get done and are just okay.....that's okay! I don't have perfect days everyday, I'm not a perfect mom all the time, and perfect wife...LOL, let's just say I'm no June Cleaver ;) And those last 10 pounds I lost keep finding their way isn't perfect, and neither is every scrapbook page :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Found a another fun blog!

Love finding new challenge blogs!!!  Here's the newest one 2 Sketches 4 You , and here is their sketch:

So I made a Valentine's card for my DH:

I have something else cute to share with you.  My DS is 13 and in the 8th grade.  They did a flower gram thing at school, and he sent 7 roses to his crush 'cause her favorite number is 7.  But he didn't want to leave it at that...he wanted to also get her a stuffed giraffe (her favorite animal), and a heart shaped box of chocolates.  So we shopped yesterday, he gave it today and it was a hit.  We couldn't find a bag big enough, but found this white one at Michael's.  He put on the giraffe and heart buttons...and asked me to stamp a circle of hearts around it (the extra gem hearts were added to hide the wide opening LOL).  Anyway, my DD gets into my supplies all the time (in fact, I am usually scolding her for not asking!), but it was so much fun to have my son want to do this.  Here it is (snuck a picture while he dressed this morning):


cnelson said...

so sweet!

Kathy Martin said...

Sweet Valentine card and bag! Thanks for joining us this week at 2S4Y! :) Kathy

Laura Davis said...

Soooo cute! Thanks for playing at 2S4Y!

Tanya said...

Great card- how cute about your son!!