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I scrap for me. I would love to do every page and look at it saying "wow, I'm proud of that"...but sometimes pages get done and are just okay.....that's okay! I don't have perfect days everyday, I'm not a perfect mom all the time, and perfect wife...LOL, let's just say I'm no June Cleaver ;) And those last 10 pounds I lost keep finding their way isn't perfect, and neither is every scrapbook page :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April challenge at IIG

I originally typed something here that I decided to not say, so I continue to bite my tongue :)

instead I want to share the April challenge at If It's Groovy

 Your challenge that ends on the last day on April is to show me your all time favorite lo that you ever created :) Easy right??? 

I think this is a great way for everyone to go back and think about what they liked about old layouts, which sometimes we "grow" out of as we learn new techniques and grow as scrappers! 

I picked this one, which I made for my parents for Christmas (I framed it):

by Shoppingtamii

But there are others that I like thought I'd share them here :)  So here's my gallery of favs (I will start with oldest to newest):

this one I remember I finally had a good supply of flowers to make a real flower cluster:

This two pager I just like the "fun" look of:

this one I love 'cause Hunter loves spending time with dad:

Just like:

Look at her face (oh, her hair was black for about a year LOL)!  And the saying I used on this is really true:

(I have 2 FULL books of JB pics!):

Eddie with the kids:

Aren't they cute little boys?:



the kids:

I made the flowers for this one:

My first baby...she's turning 25 this year!!!:

and my baby will be 14 next month:

and my sweet middle child (17 in June!):

more fun with dad:

my momma's boy:

my drama queen:

my sister's kids:


my girls:

made these flowers too:

WOW...I put too many, but oh well, it's my blog LOL!

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Darlene S. said...

Your work is sooo pretty! :D