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Friday, April 23, 2010

ListEn iN: Final Day with Tammy...

(my last day as guest blogger at Adornit):

April 23, 2010
Final Day with Tammy...
Last year I learned how to alter little notebooks from my online scrappy friend, Kristin, at Craftastic Life - They were so fun and easy that I made 5 for Christmas presents! When I saw the Destination collection, I knew I had to make one for my oldest daughter. She is going to France this summer, and I thought it would be nice to keep one to journal about her trip.

I started with a $1 notebook...I loved this one because it has a nice hard cover and will travel well:

Open it up and loosen the wires:

Take the covers off:

Then I measured...this was just under 5 1/2". So I picked my cover paper first, I cut it 5 1/2x5 1/2, glued it to the cover, then I used and X-Acto pen to trim it.  Flip it over, then use the holes in the cover as your guide to punch holes in it:

Now pick you paper for your inside cover. I cut it the same size, BUT DID NOT GLUE IT DOWN YET. I did put the cover over it and trimmed it with the X-Acto again so that it would be the right size before I do the next step. I cut a strip for a pocket. I made it a little wider and longer than what the pocket was going to be. I folded it to fit around the bottom inside, then I cut the corners off:

Then flip over and glue down:

Glue down to the inside cover. Then flip it again and use the holes that you punched before as a guide for the holes to be punched all the way through:

Repeat on the back cover. Then put the covers back on the book and tighten the wires back up:

Then, add any embellishments you like (you can do this before you put the covers back on, but I like to work with how it's going to look when finished when I add the embellies). I didn't want this one too bulky, so that during travel things wouldn't fall off. I heavily inked/chalked the edges...this is great to cover any flaws, and I think gives it a nice look.


inside front (see the pocket?!):

inside back:

and back:

Thanks for letting me share. I really enjoyed making these projects.


From Georgana: Thank you so much Tammy for sharing your talent with us this week - we can't wait to try these projects out on our own.


From me (Tammy) again---I cannot put into words how honored I felt to be featured on Georgana's blog!  Thank you so much!

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