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Thursday, April 22, 2010

ListEn iN: Day Three with Tammy...

April 22, 2010
Day Three with Tammy...
This is a project I've wanted to do for a while, seemed simple, but it was a little time consuming. I started with these previously purchased frames from a dollar store.

I'm showing the back too, because it was cool how what would be the 'hanging' hook is at the that you can put the ribbon through and hang them vertically:

Next I used my die-cutting machine to cut letters from the Bug-a-Boo papers:

Then I backed each letter with a page from the dictionary. Each one has at least one word from the dictionary that I liked:

L - I cut to show 'history' (on the bottom), and was lucky to have 'hilarious' at the top:

O- 'laugh'

V- 'family'

E- I cut this one for 'memory' (bottom), and also ended up with 'memoir' on the top:
For the rest of the project, I covered some chipboard buttons and slides with Bug-a-Boo and Bee Happy paper, then glossy sealed them. I added some buttons with craft thread threaded though each. I also changed the ribbon that came with the frames with some yellow tulle. I also used some Bee Happy ribbon on the 'E' frame.

I'm going to hang this on a wall in my living room.

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